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10 Affordable Ways To Promote Your Event

By Erin Gagnon, Guest Contributor


You spend months preparing for your event, here are 10 affordable ways to get it more attention and sell more tickets!


Google My Business - Posts

This is super easy and free! You should have a Google My Business Account set up already. This is where you can respond to reviews, add photos and add posts. You can access Google My Business through the Gmail account you have signed up with. You will go to the Google My Business App and click on Posts on the left hand side. You can select Event, What's New or Offer. Fill out the info, add an image and publish.


Add Event Link To Your Signature With Wisestamp

Wisestamp is an amazing free feature to upgrade your signature. There is a premium package you can buy but the free version will do great for your event. Here is the link to connect your Gmail or G Suite email to Wisestamp. Go to the Apps section and click the custom button to create your Event button. You can also add in an event Youtube video if you have one.


Local Chambers of Commerce Calendars

Some local Chamber of Commerces have community calendars that you can submit your event too. You may have to be a member but Chambers are a great resource for your business and a good membership to consider. They may even have more benefits to help you promote your event as a member- newsletter or social media shoutouts.

Email Marketing ** Most Effective

There are many email platforms you can use to help promote your event so use the one that works for your company. Create your email and plan out a schedule at least 6 weeks (8 is perfect) out from your event and start promoting. Please, do not become spam but it is okay to promote weekly. Make sure to add in info as your event is planned. Get creative on when you will announce speakers or topics. Don’t feel like you have to overload your audience with the first email. A simple save the date with basic info can be the start and add from there.


Event T-Shirt Pre-Order Sale

I love this one! There are a lot of local printers who you can work with for pre order sales. This way, you do not have to worry about inventory or upfront costs. Have an event T-shirt, mug, etc for people to order before the event and promote them to share their photos of them at the event, with their event gear and event hashtag. Make sure to do this 8 to 10 weeks before your event to give time for design, orders, printing and shipping.


Digital Media Kits For Speakers, Guests, Volunteers And Employees

This takes a little time but can be very helpful. You have your event JPEG or PNG flyer now write up a little social media and/or email blurb for speakers or volunteers to share on their social media or email. Do not force but ask if they would be willing. The easier you can make it for them, the more likely they are to share. Think of an email you would like to receive to help promote an event and how easily you would like it written up for you. That is how they would want it. Do not send them just a PDF. You need a JPEG or PNG to post on social media.


Local Newspapers

Call your local newspaper. They may have free or low cost online event promotion and based on your target market for the event, the local paper may be a good investment for an ad.


Facebook Event

This is free and easy to set up. You can choose to spend money advertising if you would like. If you use Eventbrite, this will be even easier to set up! Located in your Eventbrite event dashboard on the left hand side, you will see Invite and Promote. Click on Add to Facebook. Follow the steps and then login and view the event on Facebook. Sometimes the transfer may not space things out the way you set it up so just review it right after to make sure you are set.


Your Website

Your website is your storefront. Promote your event on your homepage with an image or baner. If you use Eventbrite, use the free Eventbrite button feature to make it easier for your audience to buy tickets.


Facebook or LinkedIn Groups

These groups are becoming more and more popular. Search to see if your local community has one and reach out to see if you can share an event. Or, start a group. If your event is focused on veterans, look to see if there are local veteran groups in your area that may allow you to share the event. Message and promote but please, do not become spam.


Erin Gagnon is the founder and CEO of Focus Digital, a premier resource for digital marketing support and strategies.


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