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The Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce is here to connect our members with a wide network of resources, experts, and partners committed to supporting veteran-owned businesses across the state. We invite you to support the veteran business community by becoming a member of the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce.


SCORE’s mission is to foster vibrant small business communities through mentoring and education.

The Wisconsin Small Business Development Center is a statewide network supporting entrepreneurs and business owners through no-cost, confidential consulting and business education. Our regional expertise is accessible to anyone anywhere across more than a dozen locations.

Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation: WWBIC opens the doors of opportunity by providing underserved individuals who are interested in starting, strengthening or expanding businesses with access to critical resources such as responsible financial products and quality business and personal finance training.


The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation: WEDC is committed to creating and maintaining a business climate that allows you to maximize your potential. Working with more than 600 statewide partners, including regional economic development organizations, academic institutions, and industry groups, we’re enhancing our communities, supporting business development, advancing industry innovation, tapping global markets, and developing a talented workforce to help Wisconsin realize its full economic potential.

WVCC Weekly Newsletter: Our weekly newsletter is a regular publication sent out via email to our subscribers on a weekly basis. It serves as a communication tool used to share information, updates, and insights with their audience. Subscribe Today!

Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs: WDVA's mission is to work on behalf of Wisconsin's veterans community — veterans, their families and their survivors — in recognition of their service and sacrifice to our state and nation.​​​​​ Programs included in the depart​​ment’s mission are the: Wisconsin Veterans Homes, Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemeteries, Veterans Administration Regional Claims Office, Military Funeral Honors Program, Veterans Assistance Program and the Wisconsin Veterans Museum. These programs are designed to provide health, educational assistance, economic assistance and other services to specified veterans of the armed forces of the United States.

Wisconsin Veterans Day Parade in Milwaukee: The Wisconsin Veterans Day Parade honors and celebrates the service of Wisconsin’s veterans and their families. For people around Wisconsin, the Veterans Day Parade is an iconic tradition. Share your appreciation for Wisconsin’s veterans while connecting with this dedicated audience and impact thousands of guests, up close and in person, on the streets of historic downtown Milwaukee.


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