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WVCC Ambassador Program

Ambassadors are a crucial link between the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce and our members.  They help foster an active business climate and leverage the strengths of our membership through active engagement.


Ambassadors promote goodwill, making connections between members and prospective members by communicating the mission of the WVCC and supporting the Regional Teams when assistance is needed.


These individuals are exemplary stewards for Veteran-Owned and Veteran-Friendly businesses throughout the State of Wisconsin. WVCC Ambassadors serve as outstanding resources for our members and widen communication channels throughout our organization.


We appreciate our relationships with them and those they are building throughout this community.  Get to know these esteemed individuals ~ your WVCC Ambassadors.

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Kyle Arneson

Kyle Arneson is an entrepreneur and philanthropist for veterans’ causes.  A decorated United States Marine Corps Veteran, Kyle has held numerous leadership positions within the financial services industry such as private banking, wealth advisory, capital funding, and corporate debt restructuring over the last 30 years. He is the founder of World Leadership Partners, a business coaching and consulting practice that engages exclusively with entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate clients and philanthropic organizations. The practice is accredited by Dr. John C. Maxwell, the world’s foremost authority on leadership and growth, and The John Maxwell Team, allowing him to pour into clients via an incredible intellectual property reservoir.

Kyle continues to actively support programs that empower and enrich the lives of our veterans. In addition to founding Objective: Veterans’ Smile, Kyle is also a co-founder of The Chicago Marines Foundation. He has worked on multi-million-dollar fundraising campaigns for veterans and their families at RUSH University Medical Center and The Lone Survivor Foundation.


Dannelle Gay

Dannelle Gay is a Wisconsin native who has been writing about travel for over a decade under the moniker "The Traveling Cheesehead."  As a professional chef who had her own restaurant, she loves discovering different locations through their unique food. She helps others live a champagne life on a beer budget and thinks travel should be a huge part of that. Dannelle recently wrote the book "World War II Dispatches to Madison: Letters home from an Army Air Corps Soldier."  100% of the proceeds to that book go to The Wounded Warrior Project.  The book is available on  She is a local legend in SC Wisconsin and her collaborative nature makes Dannelle a great resource!


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Megan Haag

Megan Haag, USAF Veteran owner of Soil+Soul Farm Co which specializes in farm-focused apparel for the whole family. Megan’s passion is bridging the gap in connecting us back to the family farm and where our food comes from. Soil+Soul Farm co is a local resource for custom printing of apparel and branding to support businesses of all sizes. Megan is excited to learn more about other businesses in the community and help connect others to WVCC through the ambassador program and community-wide events.

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Dan Kopp

After holding several executive positions in the army and education for 30+ years, Dan founded Leading Like a Buffalo and is a leadership expert helping aspiring, emerging, and veteran leaders learn to lead confidently.

Dan became an ambassador for the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce to help other veterans and veteran-friendly businesses reach their potential.  Simply stated, Dan’s mission is to help other leaders. His legacy is the impact those leaders have on their people and organizations.  Dan actively leads while focusing on those he serves.

In 2022, Dan released his first book: The Power of Me Leadership: 9 Leadership Tenets for EVERY Leader.

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Jim Zess

Jim Zess, owner and president of MCHX Technology, is a highly accomplished mechanical engineer with degrees from the University of Wisconsin Madison and Oregon Health Science University.  He holds professional engineering licenses in Wisconsin, California, and Washington State.  With extensive experience in nuclear engineering, environmental science, and project management, Zess has worked for notable companies like Bechtel Power and Meissner & Wurst.

Founding his own company, Zess collaborated with prestigious institutions like Pacifica Northwest National Labs and Fraunhofer Institute, securing grants and partnerships to develop innovative heat exchanger technologies. He has presented his work at international conferences and subcontracted with AKANA Engineering on federal and state projects, including the disposal of chemical munitions for the U.S. Army.

Outside of work, Zess is dedicated to his family and community, coaching baseball and supporting robotics classes in Whitefish Bay. As a veteran who benefited from the GI Bill, he now serves as an ambassador for WVCC, aiming to share his expertise with fellow veteran-owned businesses and promote the organization's mission of supporting veterans in entrepreneurship.


There are many aspects to being a Chamber Ambassador such as attending First Calls and reaching out to new and existing members to help them get the most out of their WVCC memberships.

A great perk of being an Ambassador is the opportunity to volunteer at Signature Events in exchange for free admission.

Ambassadors are asked to spread the word about Chamber events and encourage members to attend.

Are you a professional who wants to grow your network and help small businesses? You don't even have to be a Veteran or Military-connected.

WVCC Ambassadors enhance goodwill to help us grow in the community. This is done by assisting in the recruitment of new members through personal contacts, encouraging involvement, spreading awareness, and assisting with the retention of existing members.


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WVCC Ambassadors are members just like YOU who volunteer their time to show support to their fellow members.

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Are You Interested in Becoming a WVCC Ambassador?

For More Details Email: Info@WiVeteransChamber.Org