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Partnership Discount Initiative (PDI)

A Chamber and Business Alliance Partnership Program

The Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce recognizes financial resources are limited and businesses must have a return on their investments. Growing your business is always the priority.

That is why, the WVCC created the Partnership Discount Initiative [PDI].  PDI provides businesses a reduced rate of 40% off their initial WVCC membership AND gives the partnering Chamber or Business Alliance the opportunity to share in the revenue on each new WVCC membership.

Your business can enjoy the benefits of BOTH organizations and pay a fraction of what it would cost of a new WVCC membership.  Enjoy two memberships, tons of benefits, great value, and share a bit of wealth with your existing organization!

It makes so much sense!



1.  What is a Partnership Discount Initiative?

*  The WVCC has reciprocal agreements with over 50 local and diverse Chambers/Business Associations across the State.

* For those who have signed a MOU, this agreement provides their members access to dual membership with the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce at a 40% reduction in membership fees at the tier of their choosing (Business, Bronze, Silver, or Gold).

*  For every member of the partnering organization who joins WVCC for the first time at the Business or Premier membership levels, their organization will receive a $50 share of revenue.


2.  Why is the WVCC offering this Initiative?

*  WVCC recognizes and cherishes our partnerships with other business alliances and chambers.  Giving back to WVCC partnering organizations enhances our ability to grow collaborative connections within the business community.  We truly believe we are #StrongerTogether.

*  WVCC understands the power of connections with diverse stakeholders to drive commerce.

*  WVCC relishes opportunities for collaboration and the benefits our members enjoy because of our partnerships.


3.  What other benefits does our Business Alliance / Chamber get from this Initiative?

*  This initiative will strengthen relationships between both organizations and our joint members.


4.  What is the procedure for signing up in the WVCC?

*  The partnering organization will receive a unique discount code.

*  The prospective WVCC member will complete an application on the WVCC Website: (WVCC JOIN).

*  The prospective WVCC member will select their Membership Level (Business, Bronze, Silver, or Gold).

*  The prospective WVCC member will enter the above Referral Code at check-out as the Discount Code.

*  New WVCC members will have access to the WVCC Member Portal to include all necessary information for the WVCC Business Directory. We encourage them to publish that they are also members of your organization in their biography.


5.  Will this Initiative carry over until renewal next year?

*  After an analysis of the program in December 2024, there may be renewal rewards to the joint member and the partner organization.


6.  Do you have to be a Veteran-Owned Business to be a member of the WVCC?

*  No!  The WVCC welcomes ALL businesses in every industry including those who are known as Veteran Friendly.  Come join us!

For membership information regarding PDI, contact the WVCC Regional Director in your area or email