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Invest In Vets

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Specifically tailored for WVCC Premier Level Members, "Invest in Vets" (IIV) is an innovative consulting program conceived by WVCC to augment and strengthen essential services for veterans and current service members. This initiative is designed to establish a holistic support system for businesses, veterans, and service members through a bespoke, cooperative approach that ensures the alignment of veteran/service member employment with corporate strategies and objectives. "Invest in Vets" leverages WVCC's vast network and delivers sector-specific insights to open new opportunities.

The program underscores the importance of ongoing professional growth and the retention of veteran/service member talent, promoting enduring success and satisfaction at work. "Invest in Vets" seeks to foster a comprehensive, unified strategy for integrating veteran/service member employment seamlessly into the workforce. By collaborating towards a common aim, the program empowers companies to unlock the complete potential of veteran/military talent, thereby offering these individuals rewarding and lasting career paths.

 Standing by our mission, the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce created Invest in Vets to help educate and provide the right tools and resources to businesses that support our mission. Join the WVCC in becoming a leader in the Wisconsin veteran business community and gain your stars!
  • Learn how to attract veteran talent.
  • Understand how veterans provide value to your organization.
  • Retain the veteran talent that you currently have.
  • Uncover new talent pipelines and discover grant opportunities.

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"They provide insightful, educational workshops, and events that help to advance and grow successful businesses."

Megan McCray, Owner

Sidekick Accounting

"There is a lot of value being a member of the WI Veterans Chamber of Commerce. Staff and Chamber Ambassadors go above and beyond in providing us resources... The new partnerships and education thanks to being a member has been wonderful."

Laura Janoski & Janelle Thompson

Heroes for Healthcare