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When running a business there are things that can, and of course, do go wrong. Whether it be a product issue, a sale falling through, an internal conflict, or even a client complaint, it can be easy to blame one thing or another, but often one of the main culprits is a lack of clarity in the organization.

In any organization, maintaining clarity among all operations and communications is incredibly important. Without it, organizations can quickly fall apart, and the issues that seem small end up being the hammer that breaks it down. Think about it, if your team doesn’t know what you want to accomplish, they can’t help you to achieve your goals and they will end up focusing on the wrong things, or worse yet, doing nothing at all.

Clarity is the game-changer we all need to drive success. It improves workplace engagement by increasing the sense of trust of transparency within the organization and defines the purpose of your employees’ efforts by unveiling your expectations.

As a business leader clarity starts with you! So why should you focus on establishing clarity in your organization?

Assists your decision-making processes: Great decisions are a factor of clear and actionable objectives. Having a lack of clarity opens the door to many options that can influence the decisions you make for your organization. Having so many options can waste, and even put a strain on your resources because without knowing what you want to achieve, you are unable to determine which option delivers the most value for your organization.

Empower your team towards achieving your goals: By sharing a clear goal and vision with your team, you are increasing the manpower you have backing your organizational goals. As you involve a wider and more diverse group of people into the problem solving and innovation equation, the result is exponential growth for your organization.

Helps with conflict resolution: In business, it can be hard to balance your resources against your work. Oftentimes there is more work than your resources will accommodate. When this occurs, this can increase the stress of your employees and cause a conflict that management will need to resolve. With clarity comes a basis for self-governing processes that reduce conflict as it enables your employees to prioritize the work that will provide the biggest return on the goals of your organization.

Help you hire and retain the right employees: People are the backbone of any organization. Hiring the right people and having the right amount of diversity in your team is very important to the success of an organization. The clearer you are about what you want to achieve, the more appealing you become as a potential employer. People with the same values and purpose will be drawn to your company.

Is role defining: Once you have clearly defined the purpose of your organization, it becomes a lot easier to define the roles and responsibilities of your team. With this clarity, the efficiency and productivity of your organization will improve as there is a lower chance of responsibility overlap and conflict within your team.

Helps to determine your progress: When you know what you are doing and expecting, and your team knows, you are able to track your progress and determine areas for improvement within your organization. What is working well? What isn’t working well? What changes do you need to make? And what do you need to do from now to achieve your goals? Without clarity, progress will be harder to track and you may find that your organization is left standing still.

The challenge now becomes finding a way to establish and maintain clarity as part of your leadership style.

Want to learn more about how you can establish clarity in your organization? Get in touch with me today and I can help you set and define your goals and develop a strategic plan to help drive the success of your company.

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