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Command Post

What is it?

  • Command Post is a blended educational approach to assisting start-up WVCC member small buinesses
  • The intent is to accelerate success i a short amount of time and space through knowledge and concepts for success
  • The WVCC is looking to have a yearly Command Post cohort each year to help spur success for these new businesses
  • The WVCC takes submissions into each cohort.  There is a vetting process.  Businesses will be invited to attend Command Post upon selection
  • Command Post is Free to selected participants  / Upon completetion, businesses will receive a one year FREE membership in the WVCC
  • There will be a "Pitch Competition" at the end of each cohort / a cash prize will be awarded to the winner of that competion

WVCC Command Post Structure

  • Command Post is a business development cohort for veteran owned businesses in various stages of development
  • Curriculum is designed for Start-up Businesses (in the last two years) that make less than 1M in annual renenue
  • Content material developed by the Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation [WWBIC] with an eye on small business success
  • Asynchronous learning platform allows cohorts to learn at their own pace and in their own time frame (weekly Discussion Sessions are optional)
  • Successful outcomes include the hiring of new employees, acquisition of premises, capital funding (loan, private equity, angel/venture, etc.), general revenue growth and operational scaling, entry into supply chains, or simply a successful and sustainable launch

Please contact for more information or to submit your name to an upcoming cohort