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Why Cybersecurity Pros in the US Are Worried About the War in Ukraine

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine may be taking place thousands of miles from the United States — but the impact is being felt globally.

There are new and greater cybersecurity threats to be aware of as a result of this war, as well.

We welcome Bryan Sevener of Valortech to give us the rundown.

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Wisconsin Veterans and the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection

Wisconsin’s veterans are extremely valuable to our state’s community, workforce, and economy. The determination, skill, and commitment of our veterans are some of the greatest assets we have as a state. Since day one, Governor Tony Evers has charged Wisconsin’s administrative agencies with connecting the dots. At the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), we work each day to connect dots between the many different Wisconsin communities we serve – including veterans.

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What Every Employer Should Do To Improve New Employee Attraction & Retention

Compensation technology isn’t always the first consideration for employers seeking to improve their employee attraction, acquisition, and retention — but they definitely should be.

Modernizing these systems can empower employers to provide clarity to their organizations, ensure equity, and save money while attracting and retaining top talent.

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How E-Sports Can Help Veterans Find Contentment After Service

E-Sports and the video gaming industry at large are growing at a rapid pace, with no signs of a slowdown ahead. In fact, each branch of the military has constructed their own competitive E-Sports teams for visibility, outreach, and recruiting purposes. Believe it or not, there are abundant opportunities in the video game ecosystem — we are delighted to chat with Abbey Diedrich of New Horizons WI about their revolutionary programs to channel veterans into lucrative careers in E-sports and gaming.

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Korea and the United States: A Hero’s Example

“Why all the fuss?” That is how retired U.S. Army Col. Ralph Puckett reacted when he learned he was to receive the Medal of Honor for his extraordinary bravery and effectiveness in combat during the Korean War. The modesty befits the man, and reflects his selflessness, a distinctive human virtue.

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What is Inheritance Planning and Why Should You Care?

There is a huge difference between inheritance, estate, and succession planning — not knowing the ins and outs of inheritance could really cost you, your family, or your business in the long run. We welcome inheritance expert Michael Zwick to give us the run down.

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Are Veterans The Solution to Tech Talent Shortages?

Are Veterans The Solution to Tech Talent Shortages? By Kathy Henrich, Guest Contributor A national shortage of tech talent is a major challenge for employers. Veterans are an incremental pool of talent with adjacent skills which can help solve this tech talent shortfall while increasing diversity.  So why might veterans not be considered? In a…

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What The Heck Are NFT’s and WHY Should You Care?

Everyone is talking about NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and there are few lukewarm opinions out there. Some think NFTs are scams, or part of some large Ponzi scheme. Others are doubling down, convinced that the revolution is here to stay. So, what the heck are NFT’s, and why should you care?

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